Monday, August 25, 2008

CSS 3 Column Blog Style Liquid Layout

There are tonnes of method can be done to achieve this 3 column blog style layout, but I found a CSS layout from Matthew James Taylor and want to keep this as my reference because of its simplicity and straight to the point. So maybe you want to take a look.

Basically this is what we're trying to achieve with this CSS layout design:As shown above the center and right column widths are in pixel and the left column is the main content area will control the page height.

Since the author himself (Matthew James Taylor) found out about this page and ask to link back to his work rather than I post the CSS code here as "my own reference" well I respect that and remove the source totally. But using the word "steal" seems a little bit harsh here, I rather called it an open source. Beside this blog not even mine, it's Google's. I just put in some words. The author also said something like "some minor cosmetic changes". It's an indicator that I spent some amount of time to test out and verify each line of CSS code, print screen it and post it here. Not just simply put all the source. Beside it's just another CSS layout, the author might claiming all 3 columns layout website or patent the 3 columns website in a future as his invention. Yikes!! In the event of the author's hosting server under maintenance or out of service (some personal website has this problem), I post a copy of the code anyway.

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Matthew James Taylor said...

Hi Azo,

I've just noticed that you have copied my hard work and passed it off as your own. I don't mind if people blog about my CSS layouts but it's hardly fair to steal them. I would appreciate it if you add a link back to my website explaining that you simply found my layout and made some minor cosmetic changes. If you don't do this then I will have to ask you to remove the post altogether.