Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome to Azo's Web Sphere

If you purposely or accidentally landed on my blog I would like to say Selamat Datang or Welcome to my humble blog Please do make yourself at home and relax your mind. If you are in hurry well at least you can bookmark or simply click I like it to save the URL. Who knows you might want to come back later.

What the heck is Azo anyway? AZO is an abbreviation from Azizul Ameir Online. I'm living in Malaysia and working in IT industry. This blog focus on current trend of web application technology, gadgets, widget, latest buff on the net and once in a while he takes a spin with some cool programming codes and tools for web or desktop application.

While researching some topic online, sometimes I use this blog as my online public bookmark. The same purpose can be accomplish using Stumble or Digg but I feel blogging is the best tool for now.

I have not decided yet which category that suit my blog beside the generic IT category. Since I'm using this blog to express how I feel or describing some details while touching some aspect of the IT topic. I'll try my best to specifically focus on IT industry in Malaysia and what the world has to offer globally.

This will sound like I'm desperate or something, but occasionally do drop me a note or two so that I would know that someone actually read my blog beside the Google bot. Enjoy

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