Friday, August 18, 2006

How to be self employed

Today, I need to clarify to myself why I work so hard for CAT (or for any company) for so long time. At the end I ask myself, "hey why don't you get self employed". So I googled for "how to be self employed". Jim Westergren's blog - Self-employment the way to go, was one of the top search result that catched my eye. And I read through his article; a story how he started his own company and how he was inspired by Steve Pavlina's blog entry - 10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job.

Now the point of Pavlina's article is you should get paid by doing nothing. Steve said you should considered that it might be better to be paid even when you’re not working? How nice... He call it a passive income. He also said that after reading his article, it should trigger your anger. Well hell yeah, it looks like I'm so dumb slaving my 6 years working for other people. And I paused. Rewind my memory like a video player and think again.

A better response that I should take is that everything ever happened to me was written by Allah. Of course I don't know how to read my future, it is all about faith. I'm a muslim, and I should act one. There is always a reason for each action or path that you have choosed. That is how we mature. That is how we learn.

Back to the topic, why should I be a self employed? Maybe it is a bit to early to me, but I'm planning to set a business for my wive so that she has flexibility to work at home or open her own company. So back to research board then.

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rajax said...

hehe.. ni lah antara perkara yg aku pikir2 masa nak berhenti dr CAT.. & skang aku ada byk masa utk aku buat apa yg aku suka.. apa yg kita suka itulah yg boleh jadi bisnes sendiri.. sapa tau ;)