Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blogger Beta Version

This is just an intro entry from me. Well I'm currently testing the Blogger Beta. I'm not so sure how to migrate my blogs from the previous version into this one. I did try but somehow my blogs is not supported. Weird. Well, let just try out all the feature first.

What so cool in this beta version is the template setting. The template layout is now controled by page element- the header, footer, blog post and the add-on element. This feature is so much alike the Google's Page Creator. Nifty idea.

The Posting form now has the tag alike field but they called label plus the post options.

Now let see how well the Beta version handle the sample codes:
<cfquery name="GetContact1" datasource="#dsn_MainDB#" username="#dsn_user#"

SELECT contact_id, name, state, address1, address2, city, district, postcode, country, phone, fax, email, website
FROM contact
WHERE publish = 1
AND sub_cat = 'DO
AND f_cat_id = '#TrailID#'
Oh well, I think it is still the same.

For conclusion, I think the Beta version has improved significantly and it shows how well Blogger listen to the comments / critics made by the user. I like most of the features, even the hack is also available. And you know what, the Blogger Beta was launched on my 30th birthday (14-Aug-2006) . Ahahahaha Kudos.

So what happen to The Blue Planet Explorer (PageRank 3) and The Grand Auto Club (PageRank 5) ? Woah look at the Google's page rank difference. It tells you that a specialized blog gain more traffic compared to all-in-one blog. I'm going to transform the Blue Planet Explorer blog into a travel / photography blog and hopefully I can move the Grand Auto Club into Blogger Beta. So now I have 3 blogs to look after. Cool.

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