Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CSS Layout - Back to basic

For the past 5 years I created numerous of websites, some are simple, others cause me restless night and part of the job may require CSS layout design. It sounds not so important, unfortunately it does. For the past few years, SEO has become part of the design requirement and it helps a lot on pushing the content and boost the page rank.

Instead of starting out with blank CSS and HTML documents every time you need to build a layout, you can create a bunch of layout templates as it will give you a solid basis for creating the rest of the design.

You can create 2 column layout, 3 column layout, centered, fixed and others. You may explore other possibility from this CSS website.

These templates can be really basic, in fact that is exactly what you want as the final design. The fonts, the colours and so on will be different every time. It’s just the main sections we want to be able to quickly get into place.

As for example, here is a sample of my most common CSS layout:

1. The HTML page
2. The CSS file

Since I can't find a way to post the source code in this Blogger entry, I make you life easier by posting a zip file using the online storage service by esnips.


maini said...

pakcik.. mintak alamat.

gerg said...

kekadang kena jugak kita blaja basic balik heheh