Friday, November 03, 2006

Reciprocal Link - Find Out How Deep The Bunny's Hole Goes

Photo by lottuh1977

What the heck is a reciprocal link?

A reciprocal link is a text and/or banner link to a site that, somewhere in its pages, carries a similar text/banner link to your own site. Easier word - a link back to your website.

Some benefit of reciprocal linking :
  1. Increase Your Website Traffic
  2. Increase Page Rank in Search Engines
  3. Offer Your Website Visitors Valuable Resources
Some says that reciprocal links are losing their value or even Google discredited all type of reciprocal linking. Many said that to overcome this, choose sites relevant to the subject of your site and trade/beg/ask permission to put your link there.

I say let's create an experiment which I would like to call it "How Deep The Bunny's Hole Goes". The objective of this experiment is to analyze how reciprocal affects your website traffic and page rank.

It's a simple experiment, make it fun like playing a tag game. Copy the following script and post to any website, blog of your friend or what so ever.

You were tag no ### by <a href="">Your site name & link</a>. You may tag to others too.
Find out more at <a href="">How Deep The Bunny's Hole Goes Experiment</a>.

Replace the ### with total no of tag that you have create and of course your site / blog name with your own link. To make it effective, install a Google Analytic script before you start.

Let's share how much you website / blog gain out of this experiment.


gerg said...

aku jadik bahan ujikaji ke hhahha

Azizul Ameir said...

bahan ujikaji #1 :D