Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How was your 1st day?

Well yesterday was my 1st day of joining a new company, Tera AP. It was very exciting and thrilling to get involved in something new. It's a small IT company and currently supporting major news publication companies in Asia Pacific. I was lucky to had chances o meet all the team members because most of the time, they won't be around in the office. The office is located in the Phileo Damansara which next to The Star building.

Well one thing about this area is that everything is expensive. The visitor's park rate is RM2.20 per hour and I parked here for about 10 hours. That cost me a whooping RM22. What a nightmare. It almost like the same amount to remove a clamp in Tech Park Malaysia. Now I know how the CAT's new staff feeling on the 1st day of their job.

About my job, I'm suppose to provide consultation on pre-installation requirements as in Microsoft Active Directory design, hardware specification and sizing, and the overall system configuration details of Tera sofware. Wow, what a mouth full.

Anyway wish me luck.

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