Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Searching for the top MVC Framework

The last few days has been a very busy days for us all. Our office is now relocated in Kuala Lumpur, so last week we had to pack everything and say good bye to Phileo Damansara. I going to miss the place even though my stay were just 4 months. Within couple of days, all the necessities in our new office are restored. Now I can continue my research on the web application framework.

I can't remember when was the first time I heard about MVC driven framework. But recently I had opportunity to actualy play around with Rails framework. Since then I fell in love with it. Then I look for PHP based MVC framework on the internet and I astonished by the number of ready made framework.
If you want to ask why PHP, not the Ruby itself? Perhaps for now I'm looking for more PHP projects since it is the most popular programing language out there.

I'm looking for a suitable framework for my future projects. I manage to try out quite a number of frameworks but still I can't recommend any of it for a simple reason. There is no single framework that suit all web application.

But I listed it anyway for my own reference or perhaps you might find it usefull too.
  1. Ruby on Rails: Ruby language, scaffold method.
  2. Symfony: Based on Mojavi and inspired by Rails
  3. Mojavi: The first MVC framework I fell in love with
  4. CakePHP: Inspired by Rails PHP4/5
  5. PHPOnTrax: a Rails port - PHP5 Only
  6. Prado: The winner of Zend coding contest
  7. Studs: A Java-Struts port to PHP
  8. Phrame: A Java-Struts port
  9. Achievo: A good RAD framework
  10. WACT: Web Application Component Toolkit
  11. Ambivalence: A Java-Maverick Port
  12. Zend: PHP 5 Only
  13. Seagull: PHP 4/5
  14. Zoop
Based on my experience on some of the frameworks, to keep your frustration level on the lowest level:
  • you must try it first before deciding to build your project
  • check the changelog or trac (if available), make sure the development are still on
  • look for the documentation, is it suffiecient enough?
  • look for the framework community
  • look for tutorials
If you had any idea or experience on some of the framework mentioned above, perhaps you can share it here too.


Richard@Home said...

I've only used CakePHP, but it's very good and I can heartily recommended it. It has a very solid code base and vibrant user comunity (check out the CakePHP google group).

Documentation is a bit lacking however (they are working on this)http

Azizul Ameir said...

I spent the whole Sunday to study deeply on CakePHP. I must say I'm impressed with it. Truely RoR look alike. I'm going to start baking my next project with it :D

Anonymous said...

All frameworks listed above are for developers. There is one for non-developer called Nenest

Neeraj said...

Of these I used CAKE only on my current project where I learned it. I am very much impressed with cake and am going to use cake on my other projects.