Monday, November 05, 2007

Tourism Malaysia Launches Siti - The Digital Ambassador

Siti is a Window Live Agent representing Malaysia (or perhaps Tourism Malaysia) to engage the Windows Messenger user. You can chat with her only in constructive word manner. Meaning it won't talk rubbish and keep on reminding you with a few destination name in Malaysia when your conversation stray off topic. This is so much remind me of's Maya in 2001.

I'm quite surprised that Tourism Malaysia decided to use this as a method to draw tourists as I'm quite sure that the response from the user won't be positive. Because at the end of the session, does the user convince enough to visit Malaysia? When I asked about Major/National Landmarks in Kuala Lumpur, Siti response was a summarized destination of KLCC,KL Towers, Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad & the Selangor Club building. Is it worth it to visit Kuala Lumpur by only knowing the destination name without feeding their actual facts and values?

Tourist often want to know more when deciding to visit any destination but I believe on current state, Siti alone won't be enough. At least give us a chance to chat to a real people. But who knows, maybe in future Siti's content will evolve towards Wiki-based. Now that what I called a fat ass information.

Anyway if you want to add Siti as your Windows Messenger buddy, simply add Have a stiff awkward conversation.

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