Thursday, December 24, 2009

A year ends

As 2009 set sail to the end, I think this is the longest year I ever felt. So many events set place this year; witness betrayal at first hand, lost a job, get broke, found few other jobs, new baby boy, said goodbye to old friends and said hello to new ones. With so much to do to keep on living, this year is the most productive year and the most dramatic ever.

In single year I had to take up responsibility all the jobs that left to me. From sales to project manager down to delivery boy with the risk of not getting any paid at all.

How do I survived? I don't know myself. I guess the set of skill that I acquired from very long career helps a lot. And not to forget the support from my family, wife, kids, mom & dad, brothers & sis.

I don't know what is coming in 2010 but it doesn't matter. In the end, what matters the most is my family.

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