Thursday, February 19, 2009

From Windows 7 Beta to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

The story begin when my notebook (Compaq Presario C700) had an overheating problem. Originally I installed a WindowsXP pro in this unit. Everything when well for 5 months. But then whenever I run a movie or flash application the system automatically shutdown. I try to search the problem source for months but still the problem remain. So what should I do? Read on...

It seems that the notebook can't hold too much concurrent process in one time. Even though formating with a fresh new OS is the last option in my recovery list but I had no choice. Then, Windows released the Windows 7 Beta to the public. I've read all the review (almost) and saw some cool and awsome stuff in their demo video. Even though I knew that it will last until August 2009 and the minimum RAM is 1GB, still I decided to give it a try.

The first distinct different change is the taskbar and much improved on UAC and desktop windows experience which is way better than Vista or XP. The rest was just almost the same like Vista. I have nothing against this new Windows 7 but it doesn't improved my experience with the problematic Compaq C700 notebook. So the quest continue.

The next possible move is to get a less stressful processor & RAM eater operating system. My best bet is the Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex with the Linux kernel (2.6.27-11 as in my grub boot menu.lst). I used to play around with Gutsy Gibbon (v7.10) in VMWare. I just love the way they named their release which is using an adjective and an animal. If you notice, this code names are in alphabetical order since Breezy Badger.

I personally think that you can customized this OS into anything that you want without burning holes in your budget. It does provide an alternative program for each Windows Office tools and it's almost FREE. But you must not be fooled. FREE in Linux realm comes with some "price". For a noobs, it is just like entering a twilight zone. Each release or even update comes with a risk of unworking driver or worst "kernel panic". I guess the best way is to separate the system partition with your data partition and keep the best setting for your unit. Every problem has possible solutions in various forum boards. I guess the Open-Source community just love to share or tell their own story. Sometimes I find myself reading too much suggestion for a single problem. Imagine if normal user had to face such nuance problems.

But for the sake of Compaq Presario C700 that I have here, now I can almost eliminate the overheating problem. At least I can watch the entire movie in full screen mode in peace with no auto shutdown.

P/S: I wonder what is the best linux application with functionality at par with Photoshop.


gerg said...

cam mana leh overheat tuh? ko kena rendam dalam air sekali sekala ok lah kot :D

Azo said...

model yg ni kena guna dalam tank ikan macam ko :P

gerg said...

iskk ikan pon nak pakai computer .. isk isk .. mana leh .. ehhehe

Adi said...

have you tried gimp as a photoshop replacement?

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